Smita James in FOAM Museum Amsterdam

2016 I am ready for ya! #Houdjemonddichter asked me to join in on their collaboration with the FOAM Museum. Five other poets and I were asked to write about the current exhibition of Francesca Woodman (1958 – 1981). A photographer best known for her squared black and white pictures, mostly featuring herself. Who needs a selfystick?!

Due to this project I got to know about her work and it’s inspiring. I love her obscurity. The appealing nudity that, to me, in the first place is not particularly playing with sexuality. Her blurry concepts underlines her interaction with darkness in a calm, not so oppressive and very self-controlled way. I feel her journey of edgy self-expression. Dark without being creepy. LIKE!


Come check her out. Come check us out. Go out. Come! See you this Friday 5th of February at the Foam Museum Amsterrrrrrdam.




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