Smita James a.k.a SJ Poet and producer Ci Seryne teamed up  to give Poetronic(a) a face in The Netherlands. SJ Poet is known for her performances on Dutch stages like Re:definition, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Cinnamon Wednesday, the Black Magic Woman festival, Spokenfm en Bijlmer Boekt. The poet got sampled by The Handyman for a track on the Scissors album from Jazz musician Hans Dulfer. James loves to collaborate with other artists from time to time like she did with Dutch rapper Diggy Dex back in the days. In the near future she will more likely add  artists like JNM the Naked MC up to the list.

Ci Seryne started her career off in Hip Hop. She released two tracks on the “BBQ” beat-CD of Studio West and produced infomercials and leaders for Dutch radio stations as Getmixed Radio and FunX. This creative beast wanted more and nurtured her fine self with the DJ element as her second nature. As part of the all-female DJ formation Rags2Riches she turned tables on stages as Paradiso, Sinners, Powerzone, The Sand, Club Rain en Hotel Arena. Ci expanded the list solo with Club Nyx, The Supper club Amsterdam and Off Corso Rotterdam.

Both artists decided individually that it was time to stop making concessions. James went all in with her poetry and the natural tendency to combine it with music, her big love. Seryne went back to her basics and evolved as a fierce electronic music producer, one who is always ready to groove some bones. A couple poems, video’s, tracks and mix tapes along the road the two Amsterdam based artists joint ventures to cater the entertainment industry on some Poetronic: visuals, words, sounds, poems, beats.