‘The thing is’ nominated for a Shortcutz Amsterdam Film Award!

Yes, I did it again. I didn’t update you on time. So here I am, again, with awesome news!

On May 16th 2017 Shortcutz Amsterdam screened our short poetry film ‘The thing is’. The audience, film industry people and filmlovers, received our film highly enthusiastic. Dutch director Norbert ter Hall i.a. of the tv show Adam en E.v.a. complimented us on our camera choices, concept and the message we deliver. You see Amsterdam as it is beholding the powerful message to support humanity. And yes we still need to hear the little things to keep each other accountable for the condition of our society.

That being said we are now in the run for the Shortcutz favorite movie. A jury of  11 renowned professionals will decide who the winner will be of the May edition. If so we will be in the running for an award. The winners of the month are automatically nominated for Best Film and Audience Award in the gala in January at EYE. But, all the movies in the official selection can be nominated for any of these categories: Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Animation, Best Experimental, and Best Documentary. These nominations will be announced in December.

Sooo, we need you to cross your fingers to make ‘The thing is’ the winner of the month! We’ll get back to you with the results after tonight. We are so excited!



Last year I bumped in to Debra Barraud of Humans of Amsterdam. She asked if she could interview me and my fellow artist friend miss Poema Jones. I was like ” Oeeefff bad hair day but hell yeah, I love Humans of Amsterdam!” So we started chatting about life, art and people.  A couple months later she contacted me to tell me that our pictures made it in to her exhibition at the public library of Amsterdam (OBA). I was like “Wowwww that’s dope!”


This year she contacted me again to tell me that we made it in to the first book of Humans of Amsterdam published by National Geographic! So, to all you curious cats out there the book release will be on the 13th of October at Vondelpark3 from 19.30 till 22.00 in Amsterdam. Wanna know more? Here.