Smita James says Shrew Her!

As of September I am a cast member of a play directed and written by Ira Kip! Yes she is back! You might know her from the 2012 “She’ Baltimore” play about domestic violence within the LGBT-community. This time Kip is about traditional gender roles and its relation to nowadays society with “Shrew Her”. Again the theatre maker is not afraid to bring certain taboo’s to the table.

shrew herShrew Her is inspired on Shakespeare’s Taming Of The Shrew. Controversial to this play by Ira Kip and Right About Now Inc. is the all women cast. I am excited to work with Angelique van Beckhoven, Yahaira Geuzius Melvina Figaroa, Pamela Menzo​ and ofcourse Ira Kip. Curious? Come check us out! We will be touring from October till December 2017. The premiere will be on the 4th and 5th of October at the Compagnie Theater in Amsterdam.




Smita James gets her Shakespeare on

Shakespeare, strange dude, known for his writings. Though nobody is for sure what he really was about. So many messages in the message, but what was the message? So many possible interpretations. Reason enough for Ira Kip to explore one of her favorite writers.

Co-produced by Right About Now Inc. is Ira about to link Shakespeare (The taming of the shrew!) and the LGBTQ community to the light of this century with her production of Shrew her! Ira’s rendition will premier spring of 2017 at a theater near you!

To adapt a version of a play one must study it first. Ira invited me and other artist to read and discuss the play with her at the Right About Now Inc. headquarters. On September 21st we kicked off an inspiring, challenging old English (!) reading session series before the play will be written into existence. 2017 will be awesome!


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